Brandy 100% de Vinos Españoles - Brandy 100% from Spanish Wines - Brandy proviennent 100% de vin espagnol - 100% spanischer wein Brandy









• The Raya Feria Family•

Miguel Raya Marqués, member and developer of this family company, has been involved in the Wine distillation and Brandy ageing sector since 1978, when he took over the management of a Distillery in Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real). Said Distillery evolved from working with by-products in order to obtain distillates and rectified distillates, to becoming a renowned manufacturer both national and internationally. It is dedicated to distill wine solely for the production of high quality spirits and distillates, as well as to create an ageing area that made it become the country´s largest exporter of Wine Spirits and one of the most important Brandy exporter up until 2005.
MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L. Company was founded in 2018 by the Raya Feria family, with the purpose of developing activities of purchase, sale and manufacture of derived beverages. Currently, we offer Spirits and Brandy (some of them being of very high age), which continue maturating and improving their properties in our oak casks.








Located in the heart of La Mancha, in Socuéllamos, you can find the facilities of MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L., with more than 10,000 m² of land, where we have a large oak cask ageing warehouse and stainless steel tanks for the reception and dispatch of goods.

All of our facilities meet the current and progressively strict standards of safety and sanitary quality, as well as combine traditional ageing and coupage methods with the latest technology, in order to carry them out in the most efficient and controlled way.


Miguel Raya Feria, trained in Agronomic Science Engineering, has been involved in the processes of Distillation and Ageing of spirits since 2005. He is in charge of choosing the distillates that are acquired, as well as supervising the selection of wines and the distillation of spirits in collaboration with the different distilleries. With these selected items, we elaborate the coupages that will fill our carefully selected casks of different types of oak (French, American, Spanish...).

Our knowledge and ability to adapt to the different national and international markets is extensive, although working closely with our clients will guarantee the maximum satisfaction.


Transparency has been an identity hallmark of our company since its creation. Our relationship with customers and suppliers is based on mutual trust, but it also needs to be supported on a flow of correct, thorough, accurate, verifiable and easily accessible information.

We want to be an exemplary company in this field, so that our customers and suppliers feel like they are part of our journey through great stability and continuous communication. 

All our products will be traced and traceable from their origin to their point of sale: the alcohols that are used, their distillation system, the wines employed, the casks they have been contained in, etc. All of this information will be available to customers, who can thereby extend the traceability chain to their products, so that they can reach the final consumer.

Alembic Wine Distillated

It is the distillate obtained by distillation in Charentais Alembic stills of healthy, clean wines (with or without their lees), a method which preserves the secondary components of the wine, with an alcohol content of around 72º.

It is produced by discontinuous distillation in a Charentais Still, which is a process consisting of two distillations. The first one is called Brouilli, in which we obtain a distillate of 32-36% vol. The resulting product is then distilled again in the same still, producing the holanda of 72% vol. This is the characteristic distillation method of the Cognac area.



  • Colour: Colourless.
  • Smell: Fruity notes. Very vinous and sweet.
  • Taste: Very vinous aftertaste. Fruity and smooth on the palate.

Wine Distilled

It is the result of the continuous distillation in column of healthy and clean Spanish wines, a method that preserves the secondary components of the wine, with an alcohol content of around 77º. In the column, there is a high level of contact between the vapours that rise and the condensed liquid that descends due to the use of different trays. This enables heat transfer between the vapours (which release heat) and the liquids (which receive it).  At the same time, this process results in a mass exchange, where liquids with a lower boiling point become vapour, and vapours of substances with a higher boiling point become liquid. 


  • Colour: Colourless.
  • Smell: Fruity notes. Smooth when it hits the nose. No faulty aromas.
  • Taste: Slightly vinous aftertaste. Fruity and smooth on the palate.


It is the product of an aged in casks spirit or a holanda, derived from the distillation of Spanish wines for at least 6 months in oak casks with a volume of less than 500 litres. French, American and Spanish oak barrels are available for this purpose, which will give our distillates different organoleptic characteristics.



  • Colour: Colors range from golden to reddish tones, that darken as the time spent in the casks increases..
  • Smell: On the nose, the products will acquire characteristics from the casks. The micro-oxygenation produced in the barrel "limes/softens" the alcoholic nuances of the distillates. With time, the toasted tones of the oak increase and aromas like toffee, coconut and vanilla appear.
  • Taste: The polyphenols provided by the wood result in a sweet effect, which " subdues " the alcoholic sensation of the distillates. Very smooth.


In 2022  Miramar Satie and Rum Consultant agree to be partners with the target of bringing the best Quality Caribbean Rums to Spain and the rest of Europe.


We have quality rums aged in oak casks. IBC, cisterns or Isotanks.

Rum Consultant is one of the best cosultant in the World of Rum. Helping people from all over the world to attach the target they have with their rum. Big companies and Brands ask them for their advisement.

Formulated Rums

If you need a very concrete quality of rum, we have means and an expert team to achieve exactly what you need.


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The Management of MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L. , dedicated to the "Elaboration, Coupage, Aging, filtration and dispatch of derived beverages", works at the level established by the IFS protocol, being adequate to the function that our organization fulfills within the food chain and ensuring that our products comply with the legal, regulatory requirements and customer specifications that in each case affect them regarding food safety, informing all our staff about the importance of complying with legal, regulatory and customer requirements.

MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L., marks as one of its fundamental principles, the production of products in a sustainable way as well as the protection of the environment within a framework of sustainability.

This objective can only be achieved if the development of all its activities is closely linked to the basic pillars of sustainability. MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L. defines the following sustainability actions in its mission, vision and values, which cover and direct all its actions

The Management assumes its responsibility towards customers, to put on the market only products that satisfy them, safe and legal products in accordance with the specified quality, establishing capable processes and complying with a program of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System and under a framework of environmental responsibility.

The food safety culture becomes a basic operating principle in our organization, establishing measures that increase individual awareness and create real changes in behavior in order to guarantee safe food.

Consistent with the decision and will expressed, the Management undertakes to provide the material and human resources that are necessary to achieve the aforementioned objective, in the conviction that the cost that this implies is nothing other than a profitable investment. The ethical and personal responsibility of all the members of MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L. , must be a basic pillar in our organization.

Quality Management is an objective and a responsibility of all the personnel integrated in MIRAMAR SATIE, S.L. , and covers all activities related to it. Convinced that Quality will help us achieve a system of continuous improvement, concrete and quantifiable objectives will be established and reviewed annually by the Management, with managers and defined execution deadlines, which will help us measure and evaluate the improvement achieved.






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